Wednesday, March 30, 2016

The Trinitas Library's Health Literacy Quiz Games: 2016 Update

How much do you think you know about Alzheimer's, prediabetes, stroke, heart attack or even commonly used medical terms you've heard on tv or the doctor's office? Take a minute to test yourself with our health literacy quizzes and find out!
The Trinitas Library offers a fun, private and easy way to test your knowledge about health care related topics -- and hopefully learn some new information at the same time!
How it began:
In 2010, the Medical Library with the support of a clinical advisory team, created health quizzes to study the effectiveness of using quiz games to improve consumer health literacy. This research study funded partly by a grant from the National Library of Medicine/NIH/NN/LM/MAR and was given Institutional Review Board (IRB) status. Our health literacy outreach effort was recognized with an MLA Hospital Library's Section Award in Research in 2010. The project concluded with great success in 2011, and due to their popularity, they remained live.
The results?
To date, well over 8,000 people world wide have played our health quizzes on both sites. Over 88% of players have indicated they will use the information they learned by taking the health quizzes for their future health care decisions!
More quizzes!
We are happy to report, that in response to requests, we've expanded the health topics since the initial study.  In 2014 we added Alzheimer's.  For 2016, we've created a quiz about prediabetes and it is in the pipeline to be posted on the website shortly. In the meantime, you can access the English version's direct link if you don't want to wait:
Redesign coming soon:
For our Spanish speaking community, we are proud to announce we've redesigned the pathway linking our health quizzes from the hospital's main visitor page for a more streamlined experience, and will be on the website very soon. These are just some of the updates we've been working on as we continue our mission to help you learn about health topics in a fun way in the privacy of your own home or mobile device. Visitors may also access the health quizzes from the library's main website

But, you don't have to wait until we've put the finishing touches on our website. If you like, you can you can access the E-Salud prediabetes health quiz right now:
Outreach in virtual reality:
For those who enjoy gaming on a more advanced, immersive level, we continue to remain active in the virtual world of Second Life (SL), and are hosted by the University of Sheffield's Infolit ischool
Smaller traveling exhibits are hosted around SL for wider outreach , such as at a virtual Senior Center.
Health literacy:
Anyone can experience health literacy issues. It crosses every demographic, and does not matter how educated you are, how much money you make or how old you are. The bottom line is when you are not able to understand what your health care provider has told you or how to read a prescription bottle, manage your chronic illness or even know how to navigate the health care system, this affects every aspect of your ability to get well.
So, how much do you know about our health topics? Find out by playing a few quizzes. Whether you participate through the library's website or in a virtual world setting, in English or Spanish, what you learn may possibly save a life -- including your own!


Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Just Move! (You Know You Want To)

Spring means Getting Out and Moving!
By Guest Blogger for March issue: Jim Dunleavy PT DPT MS, Director, Rehabilitation Services

One issue with a New Year’s resolution of getting fit is that the weather many times does not cooperate. However, come Spring it is the time to “Get Moving. "

From starting a daily walking program to getting into serious training for a marathon, this is a prime time of year to get moving.  Here are some things you should consider before you start:

1.      Assessment of your current health status. Be sure you do not have any conditions that might limit your ability to increase your daily activity. Talk to your Doctor about exercise and its impact on high blood pressure, Diabetes or other breathing or heart issue. If there are issues, here at the Health and Rehabilitation Center we have programs that can get you moving safely again.

2.      Be realistic. Once cleared medically, that does not mean you immediately go out and run as you did when you were a child. You need to build up any activity, even walking programs, in order to not hurt your joints and muscles. Our staff here at the center can help you determine what is best for you and the correct intensity.

3.      Every Exercise is not the same. There are exercises that are designed to increase muscle strength. Other types of exercise build up your cardiac and breathing stamina. As assessment by a physical therapist or a member of our fitness center team can determine what deficits you have and design a program that meets your body’s specific needs

4.      You are what you eat. No exercise program alone will meet your fitness, weight loss goals. You have to take a serious look at both the amount of food you eat and how much of each food group are you eating.

5.      Variety is the Spice of Life. Many people stop exercising because they do the same thing, every day, over and over again. They get bored. I advise my patients to mix it up a bit. There are many ways to get heart healthy from walking to a group exercise class. If you have strength goals, there are many types of resistance programs available. Also programs like Pilates or Yoga are also considerations in changing up your fitness program

The above are some the most important things to consider when starting and maintaining an exercise program. Most people do need help and the #Trinitas Health and Rehabilitation Center  is here to help you feel better, have more energy and feel fit for many years to come so…..Get Moving!
Pictured: Trinitas Physical Therapy & Fitness Center
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